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Transforming Healthcare:
Empowering Efficiency,
Enhancing Care

Since its launch in 2002, Shivam has traversed the challenging path of healthcare with its trusted and user-friendly ERP solution for Hospital Management Systems (HMS) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

By serving over 600 clients since our inception, we leave a trail of satisfied clients in our wake. Our team shows unwavering dedication to helping hospitals automate and streamline their key processes, namely Clinical, Financial, Administrative, and Operational Management.

Our purpose goes beyond the mechanics of the software as we understand the trials faced by doctors, patients, administrators, and other staff. Then, we dissect each challenge and provide precise solutions with the help of our qualified development team.

Choose Us To Be Your Healthcare Partner

While you focus on exceptional patient care, we seek innovative solutions to take you one step further.

Every hospital has its own capacity constraints, patient demand patterns and numerous tasks to complete and our NeoSoft ensures to ease out tasks of hospitals. This helps them to focus on KPIs like ER wait times, patient recovery, stock management, business expansion etc. Our software gives you a glance of your entire management at one-go. Here is how:

  • Our team of professionals with extensive industry experience is always updating the technology backend
  • Provides customized solutions after understanding hospital challenges
  • Enables strong and integrated functionality of all the departments across the hospitals

This is not Just Our Team But Our Technological Family

Sarath Anand Jupalli

Managing Director

Soujanya Narala


Neha Jupalli


Uma Tella

Implementation Head

Sushil Singh



Research & Development Head

Narendra Suravarapu

Product Owner

Rajendra Togari

Product Owner

Abhishek Kumar Shaw

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